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#461902 - I had a beautiful Mother, and little sister was barely a year younger than me whom I had always gotten along with well. If you promise to have sex with me, willingly, at least twice a day, I promise not to touch Kelly at all, do we have a deal? She stared at me hard with hate in those eye's for at least a minute before finally realising the predicament she was in. something switched in my Mothers eye's, You, Don't? she said amazed that I felt that way, but the call has gone out, according to the newsfeed female civilians, in this country, have just lost all rights? Please, don't be afraid of me, I repeated, your my family, and that's that, I could never do anything to harm you.

Read Point Of View Isekai Shoukan 2 Ch. 1-4, 6 Action Isekai Shoukan 2 Ch. 1-4, 6

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