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#366173 - Apart from Blackie, there was Nero, Zeus, Cheyenne, Pegasus and Dylan (who was a beautiful big Percheron, and just a big softie…aside from a certain WONDERFUL part of his anatomy)! As she worked her way along them, they all nuzzled her neck, and the upper slopes of her beautiful, big, heavy breasts, causing her large, thick nipples to swell with need, and stand out big, and fat, and stiff; she couldn’t help but notice they all had their long, thick cocks hanging well out of their large sheaths, with the big, distended veins already standing out, their huge balls visibly swelling larger by the second, and copious spurts of warm, clear, slimy pre-ejaculate splashing onto the dirt of the stable floor beneath them from their already swelling glans…”Oh, you horny bunch; it’s going to be one of THOSE days…isn’t it?” she said, in fond exasperation, shaking her head in amusement. She sat up with an effort, swung her legs round, and, reaching over, scratched the base of Blackie’s left ear, gen

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