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#352470 - Not only that but she couldn’t be satisfied no matter how many orgasms we gave her, I lost count of how many I gave her, mainly by licking her into an orgasm, Pavel licked her and used his finger on her. I told her to turn around, the back view was just as good, the back plunged all the way to the top of her g-string, which could be seen through the dress, I could see something glistening at the junction where the side strings met the string going between her arse, I asked her what it was, she pulled her dress up to show me, what I had seen was a Y shape of ‘diamonds’, she asked me if I liked it. I asked her what time Vasko was coming, she said between half past eight and nine, I asked if she had phoned Vasko about finding more guys, she said of course she had, she had promised me she would , I asked her what he had said ,she said that he had said if that was what she wanted he would make sure that she was fucked by at least ten guys, Maria asked if I was happy now, I said I was.

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Nice ass scene
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Great ass