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#281076 - She asked if that was a good thing and i just kinda shrugged it off and she seemed to forget about it until a little bit later when she asked So have you ever fucked a girl? I was just too shocked to answer until i managed to stammer out a no and then i got the courage to ask if she ever did which she replied with a no but then she said that she had done blowjobs on her one boyfriend in freshman year! Again I was too shocked to answer when she stopped me and then grabbed me and kissed me! She was a great kisser but I hadn't had much experience up to that point with it so I felt like an idiot trying to keep up with her. I got really happy when she said that and had to try to control my excitement but me being me i burst out a big SWEET!! When she said it. Still a small moan escaped and I took my tongue out, found her clit, and took that little bead and sucked it into my mouth and statred licking it as much as I could and she started to moan quietly, still trying to stay quiet t

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Rui akana
So pretty i like your tits
Saber lily
I love the fuck camy kiss