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#406715 - He would sit on the couch while I kneeled between his legs while sucking his cock. Grandpa liked to see how long I could pleasure his cock for. It then moved up to whenever my grandmother was asleep or out of the house, if I was taking a shower, grandpa would pull open the shower curtain and have me kneel down so he could piss in my open mouth and all over my face, then he would allow me to suck his cock and drink his delicious man spunk.

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Takaki uno
Ohhh it so nice to hear this from you honey
Thankss xxx
Yumi kajiki
What a treat i should treat my bf to something like this too
Cecil aijima
Watched this for the first time last night and haven t stopped thinking about it all day wow i need someone to fuck me like this with lots of feeling and kissing etc