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#45585 - He took them off and threw them away, he kneeled in front of me on the bed and pulled my legs up so my pussy was facing the air, he then rubbed my clit slowly until I was wet, and I opened my legs as wide as they'd go to give him better access then he placed his cock at the opening to my swollen pussy, I thought like last time he'd go slowly then get faster, but with one sudden movement he thrust his cock hard deep into my pussy, his ball making a slapping sound as it hit my ass CHRIST! I yelled, a mixture of pain and pleasure.

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Maya fey
Very sexy as always
Haruka takagi
Einst alfimi
Kaguya shinomiya
Go play wow then
Yukina himeragi
Such a hot tight looking pussy it is such a turn on hearing a woman moan with pleasure i d love to put a big load in you and share in the fun