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#119812 - “Man how the hell did you land that?” I look at the waiter next to me and grin “The wonders of the internet, I guess you have seen her here before” “Yup and you won’t believe how many guys have been with her, but every time she comes back with a new one she just says that the other only wanted to get in her pants” He sighs “Not that I would mind” I laugh and slap him on the back “That is exactly the attitude that will not get you inside her pants, she’s not a sex object, she’s a female and a female is like a rose bud, given time and patience she will bloom for you and you must savour her like you would a fine wine” He looks puzzled at me “Are you French?” I just grin and shake my head “No mon ami I am not French, so let me settle the tab, this man has a date tonight” After paying my tab, I leave a handsome tip and saunter back to my hotel, whistling “When the saints go marching in”. I watch the crowd of people that keeps walking by in a steady strea

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Rei furuya | tooru amuro
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Makoto konno
Why be practicing this when you can be honing your skills in the trials