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#80436 - “How did you know what I was going to ask you about?” “Well I did my thesis on the Karkaren and the Villainous, one of the most retold local legend in the local folklore of the Haida! Oh but where are my manners. “Are you aware what ‘Rest’ means when a doctor prescribes it?” ooh goody a possible escape clause “But Susan dear Doctor Cole only suggested rest not prescribed it, there’s a difference! Ackkkggg! Her hand around my throat cuts off any more linguistic challenges to her, and some of my oxygen supply at the same time. “So what can you tell me about this Karkaren and the Villainous?” Ah yes the Karkaren, the protector of Bellarond Sound was first recorded in the year 855 AD when images of a creature was depicted on the caves of Louloudren or what is now known as Loudren Heights.

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