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#31626 - I reach over her and rub her back and follow the curve down to her sweet looking ass. She gets up while I’m laying in the tub turns and washes herself off gets out dries off and goes to bed leaving me there wondering what the hell just happened? In the morning the feeling and thoughts all rush back as I look into her room and she is still there sleeping I slip in and check on her and she stirs and wakes and says, “thank you” for taking care of me last night you didn’t have to do anything, and you could’ve left anytime but I’m glad you didn’t. As I got up I slipped on the water on the floor and ended up right in the tub on top of her! I push myself up and off her and stood up in the tub wiping the water out of my eyes when suddenly, I feel a hand on my hard cock stroking it gently.

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Sadayo kawakami
Thank you autumn51
No words to describe it its just amazing
Yui hirasawa
I wish i could do that with you
Claude c. kenny
Explodi de gozar antes de por o pau pra d fora sou trans precoce amei
Natsumi murakami
She is hot her wet pussy sounds hot too