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#220916 - the red convertible, and off down the path into the woods? My husband is following but says nothing, or makes ant attempt to stop this big black dominating brute of a man? Back hidden in the bushes is a white van, this sadistic pervert has opened the rear double doors, as I stand there in disbelief with the nasty itching wanting that again over shadows everything else that has happened, again I start to plead loud and long for attention and relief! I hear my husband say, she is yours for the evening, or you can keep her for a week if you like? Just give me a call when you are done and you can bring her home then! OMG! My husband is giving me, to him for the rest of the week? Then I hear him say as my wet nasty panties from earlier are forced into my mouth,. Then takes my hand and leads me deep into the woods picking up branches switches, bending & breaking them as we go.

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Seo kaoru
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