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#398267 - i look at you disappointed fucinhigh08: as i get up to get the cards well then how you expect to play poker then i say laughing yankees2girl: idunno, there’s gotta be some other way fucinhigh08: well there is but i dont know if you want to play that way i say sitting down at the dinning room table yankees2girl: i sit on my knees across from u what is it? fucinhigh08: laughing at you bein so cute its called strip poker. i guess fucinhigh08: lol “c’mon you’ll like it sit down here at the table yankees2girl: i go and sit in the chair ok yankees2girl: now what? fucinhigh08: i deal you your cards ok now what piece of clothing you gonna bet yankees2girl: uhhh, my shorts fucinhigh08: “ok ill bet my pants” fucinhigh08: i flip over my cards and i have a full house fucinhigh08: now lets see what you got i say smiling at you evil like yankees2girl: i have three of a kind fucinhigh08: aww you lose yankees2girl: ya ya ya.

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