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#86092 - My wife had gone out to run a few errands, and I got ready to fuck, I had given the girls fruit juice, Erica's was laced with cough syrup(25%alcohol) she was fast sleep in no time flat. (I would later find out it was her fifteen year old brother) I don't like bragging but I have an 8 inch dick and I knew I would have trouble with this young babysnatch, even though her brother had taken her cherry, she had not known a mans love. After wetting her cunt as much as possible, it was time to fuck this baby, it seemed to take forever squeezing my dick inside of her, but I was determined to break the laws of physics as well as various rape laws, but with that young pussy in front of me I didn't give a fuck about any laws.

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Luna platz
Thats so hot
Kei ayamine
Dfw anyone
Chika takami
No sound can really ruin what looks like a good hentai