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#141991 - i woke up the sky was dark and both girls were still happily sleeping away next to me i slid out from between them and found my clothes i looked at my watch it was 7 o'clock at night the last bus leaving school was at 4 i quickly woke the 2 girls who were as surprised as i was to know it was really late we all got dressed and started walking home luckily we all live about a mile from the school. so to calm her down a bit i spread her legs open she had a skirt and no panties per my request and i started to eat her out i had done this before and knew she would be very assertive soon just the way i like it. she then pushed the head in she started wincing at that moment but she kept on pushing the next thing i knew her legs gave out on her and she plopped right down on top of my dick tearing her wall to shreds the blood started pouring out but that just turned me on even more.

Read Amante アルアニ現パロ大学生つづき - Shingeki no kyojin Gay Orgy アルアニ現パロ大学生つづき

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