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#266135 - Hazel looked at Diane and asked if she wanted to stroke my cock, Diane wasn’t shore so Hazel showed her how to do it, after a few minutes Diane started touching me, my cock was harder than it had ever been. I turned and let her see what I had, asking if she had one of these. She had me lay back and sat over my hips, taking my cock she slowly sat down and took me into her pussy, WOW what a feeling I had, she was soaking wet, but warm, when our bodies meet she stopped for a little then she started to lift up and lower herself down, she did this for some time, for me it felt like time had stopped.

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Minori nakazawa
Mmmmmm just awesome sweetie i love watching your face as you cum
I would honestly love if someone did that to me
Mysterious heroine x alter
More of her riding please that b u t t