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#216290 - Meanwhile at the museum the vase was shaking on its place after a few minutes it fell on the floor and broke in pieces when it broke a small black cloud of dust came out and flew away trough the airconditioning outside James entered his room and fell on his bed still mad at her mom for sending her upstairs without letting him explain where he went . After a few minutes of looking at the ring and wondering where it came from James tried to take it off but It did not move a inch he set all his power on it but still the ring would not move James ! Laurien ! Come down stairs dinner is ready his mom yelled from down the stairs I have to hide this thing James tough to himself he grabbed a pair of gloves he head laying around and put those on .

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Kanako urashima
I will destroy her ass
Himeko nonohara
No i will take them with me wherever the fuck i want to