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#82151 - Later in the afternoon we were all lounging by the pool having a beer and of course I was having a look at Katie in her swim wear as well as my mother in law who still looked stunning for her age, after my 3rd beer I let the bottle slip from my hand and started to snore over the next few minutes I heard some whispering between my wife and her in laws and then water was splashed on me I decided to try and ignore this to keep up the deception of being out of it, after another few minutes I felt my sun lounger move and then I was dumped in the pool to much laughter, after I pretended to be in shock at getting dumped in the deep end Katie was swimming next to me so I had a playful grab at her and she tried dunk with put my face right between her legs a mere millimeter away for sticking out my tongue and tasting her. As always when you visit family there's always an element of disruption and on this occasion we were told to stay in Katie's room and she would sleep in the single b

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Luna has one perfect body and damn she can use it well
I had no idea this was a thing gosh the view really is beautiful i would be so scared to have rock falling