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#305428 - ” I swear I felt my hair brush the ceiling as I jumped in fear. ” I shakily walked up to my room, until Jo grabbed the back of shirt and pulled me back, slamming me against the wall. “I try and have your fucking back and all you want to do and stab me where it hurts the most! What is your promblem? So what if i’m a little different now? That dosen’t mean i’m not the same idiot who tried to do a wheelie on my trike when I was five! The same idiot who let you sleep in my bed when you had a nightmare! And you know what? You want to know why I did what I did to Derrick? Why I fucking protected you that damned day? Because this idiot ended up falling in love with the only person in the whole goddamn world that I couldn’t have and it’s tearing apart from the inside! I needed some space to clear my head so I could think, But instead of letting the damn thing go, you had to go fucking probing deeper into this shit! So there’a your answer! Happy now?” I ran up the stairs blinking tears out of

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