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#231112 - Next the panties hit the floor, and now it was Dan's turn to moan, at the sight mere sight of Alicia's thick red pubic bush. Well, Alicia, Donna laughed, Danny seems to think that your bush is something special!!! Both girls then made a few more poses for the boys, and then demanded that it was their turn to watch the boys strip! Getting absolutely no argument from either of them, both Dan and Alex leapt to their feet and practically tore their clothing off, neither of them taking the time to put on any kind of show for the girls at all! Donna made a half hearted protest that they were going to fast, but she really didn't care one way or the other, because she just wanted to see the boys naked and erect, and erect is what she got!!! Dan and Alex both had hardons that were pointing directly to the sky, and while Dan's was larger, probably about seven inches, Alex's was very veiny and uncut, a condition that thoroughly fascinated Donna. The way the girls sq

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Akiko houjoh
Love seeing his toes curl so hot
I would fuck her so hard