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#201208 - He offered me spoils and a good life in return if I'd spent some time with him when possible and said I'd think about it before he used some KY jelly to squeeze in his hand and shift my panty aside in front of my crotch below to lube me slow and deep while holding his arm around me and gripping me close and tight to keep me in place while I Moaned and hissed to say how good that felt. I melted into him with silence and acceptance as the old married man gave me a French kiss and shattered through all my boundaries of staunch Hindu morality which broke over me like a wave ecstasy and made me rush even harder to tremble in his arms and moan silently. I thanked her while we drove off into Randburg and into a dark home with the electric gate closing behind us and suddenly the house lit up like it was alive which Razzak said was remote controlled by him and took me by my hand behind him to lead me to the big wooden door which he put a code to unlock and said I enter on one condition which

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Wish she was on my face