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#392655 - 30pm we were still alone and Amanda was getting pissed off, she was continually phoning someone who was not answering, Susan told me she had no idea who was coming and I pretended I knew even less than that, Susan was slightly tipsy, but Amanda was still sober, then the car turned into the drive “about time” Amanda said and went to welcome her guests. The week following the party my head was spinning, here I was 42 years old working for a dead end company in a dead end job with a wife that had suddenly gone completely mad, she had been having an affair and had seen her lover off to his new job with a orgy, would not let me fuck her but gave me head, and go out of her way to humiliate me, she only seemed to get her kicks whilst I was watching her fuck other men, all of whom seemed blessed with large cocks, I had finally managed to get some penetrative sex with Susan her friend she had felt betrayed not by me but by Susan!!.

Read Uncut Shikiyoku o Okasu | Committing To Lust - Hyouka Blow Job Shikiyoku o Okasu | Committing To Lust

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