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#196811 - Her hips and ass? mmmmmm, I think that’s where my lifelong love of a nice big ass came from, the Beyoncé or J-Lo bootylicious butt. To use a line from the film “a****l House” released that same year, which I’d yet to see but which to this day is still a favourite, “Fuck her brains out, suck her tits” I wanted to do both, all three in fact, but first I wanted to eat that pussy. “Thank you darling that was the biggest load of cum I’ve ever taken and such a lovely taste too” She lowered her face and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth, I could taste my own cum, can’t say I shared her obvious love for it.

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Que grande el pity alvarez
Shuichi shindo
She pay attention to the balls mixing pleasure and pain i love it
Thats a nice sized cock and you suck and fuck it like a pro