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#133367 - Though I was pleased the man didn’t release his cock from my cunt after it gone flaccid, he stayed inside me for at least 5 minutes. The old Cashier opened the side emergency door which led into a narrow alleyway, I made my way to top end of town to the public toilet it was an old Victorian in design with huge china urinals, the copper water pipes gleaming from regular cleaning, the speckled marble floor had developed cracks over the years. Malcolm had already briefed me what was expected of me and the set the scene for meeting dirty old men interested in some raunchy cock fun, The next day when it came to my free study period, changed from my school boy briefs into my favourite girlie panties before I left school there were a midi pair of stretch nylon panties patterned with large red roses, I made my way to town, I arrived at the Cinema about 13.

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