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#236879 - I felt my mother let go of my cunt and felt my legs being pulled back ,I heard my mother tell him to look to see if I was ready,my neighbour must have looked because I felt my cunt being opened again,he said he could see I was ready,my mother told him to give me the internal inspection,but to be very gentle. At first when I went to the bathroom that night I couldnt see anything different,then I saw ,above the bath,a large hook fixed in the ceiling. She told my neighbour to see if he could get the dildo all the way in,but to be careful,the neighbour started pushing it in and out in a steady gentle rhythm,gradually pushing it in more and more,at the same time my mother was rubbing my clit,I heard my mother say I was doing really well,they had found the blockage and he was trying to clear it,I heard my neighbour laugh.

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Origami tobiichi
I want to lick your fingers
Megumi fushiguro
She seems to be tight good for her
Matsuri sakuragi
Who is that girl shes not mandy morgan