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#342884 - I could see young Ahmed's beaming smile as he started to quickly peel off my sexy red thong, He knew then that there would be no more struggling from me, I turned round just as my thong was thrown on the couch, The look on his face, I could barely believe this little Pakistani schoolboy now had me completely naked on my knees, oh my god he muttered as I felt both his hands part my asscheeks and something warm entered deep inside my asshole, it was Ahmed's tongue and it felt amazing, I let out a loud moan as his Tongue circled my asshole and 2 of his fingers entered my wet pussy from behind, my hips moved in rythm with his fingers. I got the impression he was trying to take it all in, maybe he didn't expect to see me again. He needn't have worried, we've been fuck buddies for over a year now, I wonder what his parents would say if they knew? girl69.

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Ikeda takayuki
Wow very hard
Haruka nanase
Ok i will do it in the next hentai