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#384751 - Snake Lady just looked at my wife and then reached up and used her open hand to pull my wife's head to her and said, You don't have to be scared, or afraid, and this is between us and us alone! My wife had this look of wanting to do it so damn bad yet we were going to know her one true personal desire that are the hidden of hidden kind. One thing for certain was Snake Lady caught onto it fast and said don't worry little woman he knows when to be good! So at last the air settled so to say and we were all just drinking and talking and deciding whether to play some music and bullshit or crank up a game of cards or yahtzee. Snake Lady making it even worse as she watched and I alike at his huge tongue driving into her and said, Oh I know Little Woman it's so big isn't it! My beautiful young wife's only response was an even louder grunting as now her breathing was becoming ever increasingly heaved with the pleasure and feel of it making her open a

Read Goth Eroge Kanojo - Erotic Game Girlfriend | 色情遊戲女友 Carro Eroge Kanojo - Erotic Game Girlfriend | 色情遊戲女友

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