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#58768 - I need to add that I’m older, not older but older by around 10 years, I’m in my 30’s and she’s 20 years old, my name’s Kyan and her name’s Paige… We decided to meet, she had only one request – no anal or very light anal play – this was much of a surprise but she insisted that she was surprised as well but wanted to try it! Man I would have loved to have kissed that beautiful woman right there, I hope that everything that happened – met her desires and more, I sure as hell enjoyed myself. I smirked as I lifted my hand away, I saw her turn her head as soon as my hand thwacked her arse cheeks, a red hand print remained where I slapped her left cheek, she whimpered and gasped - in an attempt to escape from my lap, I held her down again by laying my hand firmly on the small of her back again. I brushed her hair back as I dipped a chip into a sauce, moving my hand down to feed her, I carried this on until there wasn’t any chips left but the sauce, I lowered the sauce down to run it along t

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