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#343888 - So Sharon slowly raised her hips, this tugged the brush handle out of my cock by about three inches I only had about an inch left in, as she switched directions and came in for the down stroke I let some of the handle back into my cock and then tensed my buttocks and my groin flexed, my cock gripped the brush handle for all it was worth and forced another inch of brush handle directly into Sharon’s hungry womb, she screamed and howled and came, her body shook , her eyes rolled back , and she fainted , that was it ,I tensed my butt again and thrust once, twice, three times and shot my cum inside her, it leaked around the sides of the brush and spurted inside her cunt in a delayed creamy fountain. “I don’t know, it might hurt” I questioned “I’m sure it will be fine” without really waiting for consent she squirted some more lube on to the tip of my cock and using her left thumb and finger held my cock eye open a little wider and using her right hand slowly pushed the brush deeper int

Read Tight Pussy Shokushu Uri no Fiera - Original Plug Shokushu Uri no Fiera

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