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#140796 - Also this is the only free space in the bed room but we need to move the piano out the room” Carli said “Isn’t that heavy” I said “No I think I know what I am doing… right ready both of us together, one each end and steady as we go” We Tried to shift it couldn’t even lift it. But it did no good well I never thought it would “All right” said Casandraovich “we have to take the feet off to get the feet off wouldn’t take a moment” We took its feet off even took the seat off that should have got us somewhere but no So Charlotte said “Let’s have a cup of tea” Luke and Charlie said in perfect synchronicity “Right-o” “Right” said Clarissa “have to take the door off need more space to shift the so and so” Had bad twinges taking of the hinges and it got us nowhere and so we had a cup of tea “Right” said Mariam “have to take the wall down that there wall is going to have to go” Took the wall down even with it all down we was going nowhere and so we had a cup of tea And

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