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#99127 - Friday night went quickly, we each took any cock we found, guys lined up to use our bodies as the girls and I had fun, Jan more than happy now to ask Steve to get her a dog or horse to fuck her, this time she had one of the dogs fuck her pussy, she told me later it felt strange feeling his cock go into her uterus, and pushing his cum deep in her womb, but wasn’t sure she could take a horse in her pussy. Saturday afternoon was quite, with 5 or 6 guys at first, but we knew tonight would be busy, so after letting them empty their balls a couple of times in us, we swam and sun baked for a few hours, enjoying the peace and quiet, then after a light snack, more guys started to arrive, most wanting Jan with her big tits, but Joy was kept busy, as both got into their stride. After a wake up shower and internal clean, we had a light breakfast, Steve more than happy to make sure we had energy for today, around lunch time, the guys began to turn up and wanted the fun to start again, so thi

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