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#21612 - Ha! said the Duc with a merry laugh, well indeed! You who scarcely dare look at a cunt today, do you mean to say you used to have 'em piss in the old days? 'Tis true, said Durcet, I blush to admit it, for what could be more dreadful than to have such turpitudes upon one's conscience? Oh, I presently feel the heavy weight of remorse, my friend. The man who is addressing you at this very instant has owed spasms to stealing, murdering, committing arson, and he is perfectly sure that it is not the object of libertine intentions which fire us, but the idea of evil, and that consequently it is thanks only to evil and only in the name of evil one stiffens, not thanks to the object, and were this object to be divested of the power to cause us to do evil, our prick would droop, 'twould interet us no more. Forsooth, Mademoiselle, murmured Durcet, you could surely have dispensed with disclosures that portray all my youthful childishness.

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