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#311775 - I just had too, my finger went up Phil’s ass, this caused him to jerk and look at me with a huge smile, then his cock seemed to grow and jerk around inside Grant, Phil made all sorts of weird noises as he looked like he was having a heart attack, his hips forced his cock so far in Grant squealed, then wham Phil let go of his baby juice, and by the sound of it there was going to be huge load up Grant’s ass for me to eat. I kissed Phil pushing his back to force him more into Grant, both now fully into fucking, Phil no longer shy fucked hard, his cock a blur, seeing this was going to be his third load he was lasting a good long time too. He was single and no shortage of woman chasing him, but often I found he pushed up against me when we were in his flat above the pub, and gave me sly looks too, but then he did know we swung, so it never worried me or Grant.

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Toki onjouji
So sexy
High priest
If you have a man how can he justify ever leaving the house