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#27731 - I had a penis measuring 7 inches at that time or just under I believe. I got to Lysias’, Lisa, lassie, whatever the hell she was called! But all I heard was Rob making loud grunting and straining noises punctuated by a girlish moans still Rob by the way! Ah well, I really don’t want to know what makes Rob moan like a school girl, so moving swiftly on and similar noises like he was having terrible difficulty going to the toilet so I thought fuck that! Anyway, I got to Erik’s tent and I thought he was bound to have some rubbers, especially as I saw him take two girls into his tent to smoke a few joints, with a shit eating grin I might add! I knocked on the entrance to his tent, or as close to knocking as you can get. Anyway back to my valiant and noble quest! ‘’ Dude, can you spare any rubbers? I enquired.

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Jun hono
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Isso que eu chamo de rebolar na pica