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#265240 - It was like a release mechanism … suddenly I sank, balls-deep, into her face as her throat finally gave up the unequal struggle! She was still retching for all she was worth – but BOY did that feel good too, as her throat convulsed about my manhood! I held this position for several seconds, until I realised her convulsions had become suddenly more intense – she actually couldn’t breath since my balls sack was now covering her nose, and she had a throat full of my rock-hard cock! ‘Probably best if I don’t ACTUALLY kill her!’ I thought. “GOD … Nobody has EVER done that to me before…” As she thrashed from side to side, although she couldn’t actually move very much! I immediately followed up my assault with the index fingers of both hands forced into her pussy from the sides, pulling her completely open in front of my face, as I continued to lick harshly at her cunt. I stood up on the bed, so that my feet were between her thighs, and taking my cock in my hand I wanked at the si

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Jinta yadomi
Gentoo penguin
Well now we know shes with him for the plugs not his dick game omg that was so fuckin boring