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#151488 - I slide my other arm under her, pulling her night dress up to her shoulders, groping her breasts, feeling the smooth creamy mounds and tight swollen nipples as my other arm rubs her clit while I fuck her from behind, sliding in and out of her now, matching my thrusts with my fingers massaging her clit and nipples and my tongue in her mouth. Sometimes I found myself just getting hard watching her, feeling my cock grow in my pants as I fantasized about her sweet young body. I start to slide my cock along her slit, rubbing my long thick cock along her opening listening to the wet rub of my cock meat gliding between her thighs, the smell of her sex starts to fill my nostrils as I run my hands up over her waist holding her as I push against her, then running my fingers up her side and down over her breasts, cupping them through the thin t-shirt material of her nightie, caressing her nipples, pulling on them as I pull my cock back an twisting my hips push my fat mushroomed cock head at h

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