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#211766 - Just before Becky closed the door, she turned around and gave a long slow whimsical smile to Kate and then fucked Trevor silly half the night! . Kate slowly pulled away from Becky, breathing heavily, and trailed a hand slowly down Trevor’s broad chiseled and sculpted chest and in a sexy husky voice said to Becky “You better go take care of him before I or one of the others do!” Becky started laughing as did the others, then Becky, topless, stood up and pulled Trevor up and lead him into the bedroom. Then the head suddenly flared and shot a powerful stream of cum into the collection jar with such force that initially a lot of it blew back out and partially onto the barely covered breasts of the three women, the force of it almost knocked the jar from Kate’s hand! There was a hush of silence from all of them as they were mesmerized by the powerful thick stream erupting with explosive force and filling the jar, Katie finally whispered Wow, look at that bas

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