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#197302 - . Coooo…” Blackie whickered gently, and reaching over, lovingly nuzzled her neck, and licked her face, feeling VERY contented and happy… “Fancy a repeat performance, sweetheart?” enquired her stallion, with a glint in his eye. Another, even more powerful jet spurted inside her uterus with the force and volume of a volcanic eruption, followed by another, and another, and another, and another, and… Lost in the depths of the most powerful, deliciously intense orgasm of his life, and his brain saturated with pleasure endorphins, Blackie grunted loudly with every blasting, erupting jet of super-thick, steaming hot, slimy, raw semen, as it caused intense pulses of pleasure from his urethral process and hugely flared glans, and caused his enormous balls to throb and swell with even MORE pleasure, and LOADS more thick, hot cum… He continued to spurt and erupt deep inside his mistress’s hot, tight cunt for a long, LONG time, which, by now, was seriously overflowing with his virile, super-fert

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So hot i like it
Airi totoki
Thank you i love sharing these with you guys
Haha i see what you did there lmao its fyre