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#51079 - Shelly loved seeing Steffi naked, because besides her big boobs, the rest of her was perfect too, from her long slim legs to the perfect blond vee of pubic hair that covered a very puffy pair of pussy lips, Steffi had a stunning body to say the least! Having gotten out of her own clothes, Shelly stepped into the harness and adjusted the straps on the big rubber cock while Steffi implored her, Hurry Shel, I'm on fire, until it was fitted into place, sticking out obscenely from Shelly's hot crotch. Men are such pigs, spat Steffi! What happened, asked Shelly, as she took a chair across from the large desk in front of her boss? When I was walking from the train I think every man on the street must have looked at my chest, it just makes me sick, said an irate Steffi!!! Now Steffi Lange was a very good looking woman with mane of blond hair and long slim legs, she is just naturally going to command attention from the opposite sex, but what really makes them sit up and take

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