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#279957 - I went to school I was so soo sooo very horny the whole day my mind was frozen on sex an ray, my juices ran down my legs and my panties were soaked my Clit was hard and It was so hard to focuss and function, after school I saw Jake walking out of school so I ran to him, hey baby everything ready for tonight I questioned hey Sam about tonight I can’t my parents are taking me to New Zealand with them as a surprise birthday present to see the rest of my family that I have never even met before, I am sorry I didn’t know till last night but I know you would under stand, yeah cool have a great trip I reply still in shock, the outside of my body was calm cool, inside I was freaking out and feeling apart, I had put some much time and effort into this weekend and I wanted it to be prefect, thanks Jake said as he turned to walk away oh I said I would feed the postmaster dogs while he was away, can you do for me baby I will make it up to you I promise? Yeah sure whatever I answered, I walked home

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