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#183468 - I continue my descent, as I do, I can feel you trembling with excitement, hoping, longing for me to complete my journey to your pussy, I slow and stop, I pull you to me, my dick slipping between your ass, and beginning to rub your tight asshole, an untentional but delightful side effect, I whisper in your ear, I hope this doesn't hurt, a gasp escapes your mouth as you believe your ass to be the target, but I scoop you up nontheless, raising you above my dick and slide you down onto it, your pussy, not your ass the target. I erupt into an orgasm much larger than my earlier one, the cum launching out of me seeming to force me out of you. Upon this I pull your legs together, our juices now being soaked in by your skin, and begin to raise you, your pussy greatly objects and tries to grip hold of me and stop me, this causes a deep moan of sheer delight to emanate from deep within me, the vibrations being tuned through my dick straight into your pussy, causing you to tremble again a

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