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#385083 - ‘Well done slut, that wasn’t so hard was it?’ ‘No, no it wasn’t but the carrot in my arse hurts, can I take it out please Mistress?’ As soon as Ellie asked this her nipples felt like they were being pinched and twisted, trying to keep quiet she held a hand over her mouth and tried rubbing her nipples to stop the pain, that wasn’t working so she asked her mistress to stop. “I am sorry Mistress Jade, what do you want from me Mistress?” “I want to have some fun with you, I want to hurt you, and I want to treat you like the slave that you are now” “Will you only be in my dreams Mistress Jade?” “No slave, I will always be in your head. ‘You do not hesitate slut; you will do what I tell you as I tell you is that understood?’ ‘Yes mistress Jade, I am sorry I will not do it again’ ‘Good slut, however as you do not want to suck those carrots to lubricate them, you will have to use your pussy to lubricate it, now shove it in there and get it nice and wet’ ‘Yes Mistres

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Mezou shouji
Lady une
I wish you would ride me like that mami
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Vaya culazo mas rico