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#291933 - You wanna know why? 'Cause Riley's a porn star, and sex gets her high That's right, she makes money by showing her tits Or how well the male actor's one-eyed snake fits She loves all things dirty, and hardcore, and messy 'n If that's not enough yet, she also does lezzie! Riley enjoys things most when they get rough So sometimes, one boy or girl isn't enough What gives her the deepest, darkest satisfaction Is to get involved in some steamy group action A boatload of girls or a truck full of dudes Riley at the center, in the hottest of moods She eats out a girl and gets fucked from behind She sure is the dirtiest you'll ever find She smiles like a teenie, but fucks like a whore In her mouth and her pussy, and through the back door Nope, Riley ain't scared of a dick up her bum And usually ends with a face full of cum When the photoshoot's over, or the movie is done You can read from her face she has had so muc

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