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#26928 - Aria was almost completely insensate as a tall bipedal alien chittered it's way towards her, it's words, although spoken in a language understandable by her, required more focus than she could spare to be interpreted. The loneliness was growing on her, she’d always been a lone wolf, more happy to spend time on her own in deep space than talking awkwardly in a port, but at times that growing need for a warm body by her side grew too much to bear. She was sitting in the corridor of an alien derelict, ripping off her sports bra so she could more effectively play with her nipples.

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Her nipples are so fucking perfect
Haqua du lot herminium
Shoutouts to blooper
Muzan kibutsuji
What her name
Poppu harukaze | pop harukaze
Theme her shirt off
I want that beautiful booty