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#315195 - Tim: Oooh, a tough one! Let's see how long she lasts! Marlene: Wait, am I going to die? Noone ever said anything about actually going up in a serious fight like this, I figured at most it would be like mud wrestling or something! Tim: No no, missy no one dies in our arena. (Camera is on some exceedingly excitable blonde guy holding a microphone that says TIM on it) Tim: WELCOME to the Super Anime Girl Battle Arena Network! Our contestants for tonights match are! (Camera pans off to the right, and it shows a young girl with hazel eyes, light brown hair, cat ears, a tail, and a yellow bikini on. (The monster begins it's approach!!! It can creep about 4 feet every 10 seconds, and it's about 50 feet away!) Marlene: Eeck! It can MOVE? (The creature continues it's waddle towards the girl.

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