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#51894 - ” Susan asked “Let me repeat it for you” she said “Oh God, why do I have to pick the ones that are just so fucking dumb!” “To be real blunt about it, if my daughter makes a pass at you I want you to take her to bed, the floor, the backseat of a car, where ever and fuck her brains out!” and she continued “I want you to understand that you have my complete blessing and support in whatever you do!” Now when I was a rising young Officer in the Corps I had more than a few mothers encourage me to go out with their charming daughters and a few others hint that they wouldn’t be upset if I took them to bed, but this, this was in an entirely different league altogether. One of her hands came up and captured my ball sack gently rolling my two testicles between her fingers while her other hand moved over my ass massaging as it traveled from one cheek to the other. Susan came into the bathroom and coming up behind me put her arms around my waist and said “I’m sorry CT.

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Agrias oaks
Ai que delicia levar uma rola no cuzinho assim huuummmm
Kevin levin
You are super