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#190056 - The next day Ms Giles the art teacher was on playground duty, she came and sat next to me to ask how l enjoyed the film, l had forgotten all about telling her l was going to the cinema. It was the middle of the afternoon when l was making my way between classes Ms Giles asked if the offer of going to the cinema to watch the film Robin Hood was still on, l replied l was free that night or the next evening so we arrange to meet at the cinema that night and the events that happened are. Each time she wrote on the blackboard her bum wiggled my mind drifted off wondering what colour knickers she might be wearing which didn’t help my erection or my concentration l couldn’t wait for the lesson to be over, l purposely finished my work last and when l handed in the paper Mrs Renauld’s (Julia) asked if l could go with her to bring some boxes from the old prefab classrooms.

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