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#142554 - Peter suggested that I should feed Sally some wine whilst he went and warmed some massage oil, so I took one of her ear pieces out and asked her to sit up so she could have a small drink leaving the blind fold on. I asked her if she was comfortable and she replied that it had been very relaxing and could not tell whom was doing what, but assumed Peter had been touching her pussy and boobs, I said maybe, maybe not, what did she think of that, well it’s very nice whoever is touching me and with that laid back down, so I slowly bent over her pussy and gently breathed hot air on it, her reaction was a soft moan so I quickly rubbed my nose on her clit before Peter walked back in. I had already read a few pages and consumed a couple of beers before I was drawn away from the book by Sally’s voice saying Hi there handsome how is Jan, has the doctor been, this was closely followed by Peter saying how unfortunate for me, being on my honeymoon and with the bride out of action.

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Is this the first ever pornographic satire
Filia ul copt
She is so fucking hot but his dick is waaaaay to small its kinda off putting like i want to see her get fucked not fucked
Toshizou hijikata
Pasen el link de su instagram no la encuentro