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#97774 - 7:25 AM: The buzzer on Jamie’s alarm goes off and she lazily pushes the button to turn it off, she gets out of bed, stretches, pull the blinds open and lets the sun-shine in, she looks down at her crotch and notice an extremely big hard-on. When Anne heard a strange noise, she started checking the stalls, and when she got to Jamie’s stall she was surprised and all Jamie could think to herself was “SHIT! I forgot to lock the door!” So there stood Anne, jaw almost hitting the floor, staring at Jamie with her hand wrapped around a gigantic erection and with her tits out. When they got out of the stall, Anne spoke her first words to Jamie “Jamie, how come you never told me you got such a big, beautiful cock?” “I don’t know Anne, I guess it is because I’m ashamed of it” Said Jamie, starting to blush.

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