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#100693 - She cleared her throught and said is it going to rain because you have an umbrela I was just lost in thought with what she said and i realized it was just making it harder Im sorry i just lost my girl friend last weekit was a lie but better than saying i have a date tonightand you are the first girl to talk to me about romantic stuff She looked me in the eyes well if it matters at all i do have felling for you at this point my cock was hard enough to chisel marble. she asked me for a ride up to the hospital and of course i said yes her mother was one of the best parents and most kindhearted person i knew the whole ride was quite except for one little conversation Miriam asked me why do i turn you on i had thought she had completly forgot but through all this she still managed to remembered my Umbrella well i geuss just since we are friends and seeing you so happy and all that just turned me on Miriam said oh and left it at that As we arrived at the hospital she ask

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Ling yin huang
Hope you get her bro
Yuya sakaki
Tell me you got her number bro cuz i wanna hit that so bad lmao