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#236523 - Jeremy was telling Simon how he had cured me from shooting spunk with a cock cage when he fucks me, Simon tutted looked at me, ‘naughty, good sissy’s don’t spunk’ he said then told Jeremy he will get me hormone tablets to take as that will shrink my cock and dry my spunk and the tablets have a bonus by making my boobs more firm. My master brought me a lovely 2 peace bikini for not shooting my load the last 3 times he has fucked me, when he releases his hot spunk from his cock into my man-pussy it feels so good and lm happy that l’ve pleased my sexy man, lm going to wear the bikini this Sunday when we go to the beach to meet up with a few of his friends, Jeremy has warned me that lm not to talk to anyone without getting his permission first, if lm asked my name or anything l’m to asked him if l can speak, he warned me this rule is never to be broken when we are out with his friends or he will make sure l never forget the rule. After this he told me to shower and put on pink matchin

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