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#214758 - “Andrew what the hell are you doing!!!” “Alex you have to try this I saw a video of a girl who sat on the washing machine to get them to orgasm! I want to see you do it. Please!! Please!” “ Andrew can we wait until I have showered” “NO! just try it c’mon don’t be so lame, it will be so good trust me!” So with the help of my brother he lifted me up while grabbing my ass and lifting my thin body up which did not weigh much to him as he with a very cheeky move placed both hands on my ass picked me up and as my legs spread moved me closer to him so his dick could just rub across my pussy as he placed me on the spinning washing machine. I walked upstairs to find my brother sitting in my room on my desk looking at pictures of me with his tight shirt on which showed his man boobs and a sock wrapped around his hard dick.

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Wish it was me
Yun iijima
What a nice thick cock
Those abs are out of this fucking world
When there is no brother